3 Ways Inbound Insights Lead to More (and Better) Sales Meetings

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The goal of every sales or account development rep — or any account executive charged with booking their own sales meeting — is to set up better meetings, and more of them. This is why, without the proper training in segmentation and personalization, reps often cling tightly to the “spray and pray” approach. After all, sales development can sometimes feel like a numbers game.

Send more emails. Book more meetings.


But when this is our primary strategy, we quickly learn that it’s not a very effective one. We run out of leads way too fast, and we’re a whole lot more likely to receive silence (or worse, anger) in return.

Think of it this way, sales is like dating. Sure, if you randomly approach 100 people at a bar and throw out cheesy one-liners, you might get a couple to laugh and give you their number. But you have no guarantees that either of you are well-matched or will be genuinely happy spending time together.

Nope, it’s better to learn something about your prospective date and create a personal connection based on mutual interest and compatibility.

Effective salespeople do the same thing. They take the time to learn about the prospect, deliver value from the jump, and create a relationship founded on trust, value, and mutual benefit.

Luckily, marketers everywhere are learning that they can do more to help sales teams connect with the buyers of their dreams. The days of marketing efforts being either disconnected from genuine pipeline results, or impossible to track and incorporate into a sales strategy, are rapidly fading into the past. Suddenly, there is a whole host of opportunity for inbound marketing insights to uncover real advantages for sales teams.

At the same time that marketing has made big advancements in their strategies, sales development reps everywhere have awoken to the power of personalization. They finally see that segmentation and personalization generate results — hence the immense power and popularity of Outreach. And so, SDRs are on the hunt for research about each individual prospect, so they can spark a connection and build a relationship.

But this kind of research can be tough to conduct at scale. Reps struggle to conduct meaningful research on each and every prospective buyer and incorporate those findings into their messaging, let alone do that in a way that wasn’t immensely time consuming and organizationally challenging.

Sounds like there's an opportunity for sales and marketing to come together and help each other.

It turns out, the insights uncovered by inbound marketing provide the exact research sales needs to deliver value to prospects right out of the gate. Plus, there are all kinds of ways to automate and scale this process.

Keep in mind, there are a number of ways you can take advantage of the work marketing is doing. The first step is simply starting to be more aware of the insights that inbound marketing can provide — looking at what blog posts a lead is reading, what content they've downloaded, and more. But the ideal is that you find ways to work together with marketing, integrating your strategy to maximize the impact of both of your work and deliver outsized results.

Sales + Marketing team work makes the dream work, folks!

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