3 ways marketers should learn from customer success to drive B2B demand

b2b customer experience

Customer experience is the most prized form of advertising and demand generation for marketers - especially B2B marketers - and for good reason. Word of mouth undeniably carries a certain degree of trust, and there are many ways in which you can use customer feedback to power your demand generation and growth marketing strategy.

An exceptional customer experience is a must in today’s crowded market. According to Defaqto Research, 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service, and 55% consumers would pay more for better customer service.

Listening to your customers and taking their needs, praises, and remarks into account can mean the world for your company.

A Forrester study says 45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly. Marketers who take the time to seek out customer feedback actively and respond to it appropriately have proven to improve loyalty, sales and retention rates among customers.


Let's discuss several ways marketers can use customer feedback to improve their B2B growth strategy. Criticism and suggestions can quickly turn into profitable opportunities. Brands that listen to their customers develop a significant advantage over the competition by using customer feedback for to refine and optimize their marketing strategy and improve products based on their customer’s needs.  

Communicate to drive customer engagement

When you implement a feedback program, you encourage your customers to communicate with you, helping them become truly involved with your brand. It will make your customers feel appreciated, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By communicating with your customers, you will quickly get into their heads. You will learn their way of thinking, and you will learn their language. Taking the time to pay attention to customer feedback allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level and this engagement will give you some insights you couldn’t get otherwise.

Once you learn what your customers worry about, what drives them to complain or what’s the main reason they praise your brand, and once you learn their chosen language of communication, it will be easier to deliver what they want in the way they want it.

Discover What Customers Know, Want and Need

Your customers and consumers know many things that you don’t. This group of people has specific needs and requirements which offer a unique perspective on how your product works for them and how it compares to the competition.

Understanding what your customers know, what they want and what they need enables you to implement this knowledge into your marketing strategies and use it to improve the way you do business. A deep and nuanced understanding of your ideal customers is your best bet to creating a demand generation strategy that finds, engages, and converts the right buyers at the right time.

Customer feedback is the only way you’ll be able to deliver a customer-centric buying process.

If you know why your customers decide to buy your product, you will know how to attract new prospects. Categorizing the reasons why people purchase your products shouldn’t be complicated. There are 20 known primary motivations for shoppers to buy things, and at least one of them is most certainly the reason they buy your product.

Once you understand who buys and uses your product, you will get a clue on where to look for new personas to target.

Customer feedback will uncover alternate ideal customers profiles

Learning why people are willing to pay for your product and how they use your product to improve certain aspects of their lives is very important. Customer feedback allows you to discover new ways of product usage that you might not have been aware. It can give you a new perspective on the overall functionality of your product that you can use for future marketing strategies and driving demand.

Reaching out to customers and asking for feedback is easy and the results are more than satisfying. You can conduct surveys and ask your customers about their reasons for giving up on a purchase, or their reasons for coming back for more. Study your customer’s behaviors to learn what exactly about your product or brand that they most or least have interest. Sharing great motivational customer stories is a proven way to drive more sales and build trust among prospects.

Customer feedback is a treasure for marketers. And this is why we’re emphatic that marketers should work hand-in-hand with their customer success team. This is how you’ll uncover the insights that will launch your demand generation strategy forward. Customer stories and feedback are so valuable and informative that they allow you to build a solid marketing strategy around them. With the right strategy and approach, the benefits from customer feedback can send your sales straight into stardom.