Now Is the Time to Be the Change in the B2B Sales World

I talk a lot about my early experience in sales. It’s where I cut my teeth in the business world and it’s the reason why, as a marketer, I largely focus on demand generation so that I play a pivotal role in helping the sales team fill pipeline and close deals. 

I say it all the time. 

I have the brain of a marketer, but the heart of a sales person. 

Sure, I haven’t been on a sales team for some time, but I am the sole sales person for A Better Jones and this experience—of it being ALL on me—has only made me respect the profession more. 

And it’s for this reason that I frequently find myself advocating for sales people, on social media, with marketers, and in private. After all, my first LinkedIn video to go viral was a plea to respect and appreciate sales development reps. 

Why Every Marketer is in Sales Enablement - or Should Be

Why Every Marketer is in Sales Enablement - or Should Be

I am a big believer in the power and importance of creating a customer-centric culture. Your buyers - their struggles, their pains, their goals, and their wants - should be at the forefront of nearly every decision you make as a company.

But we also need to remember that within every department and every role, you may have more than one customer . . . And for marketing, that’s your sales team.