Head of Partnerships

 We are looking for a bright, innovative, growth-minded person to join our team and build out our entire partnerships program. Between our new project, The Other Side of Sales, and the events and communities that our clients have built, we have an opportunity to create immense opportunity and generate substantial revenue through partnerships and sponsorships. But we need someone to lead the charge. 

A Better Jones is a young and rapidly expanding, and evolving demand generation marketing agency that helps B2B startups accelerate their growth. One of our growing specialties is helping communities monetize their engaged audience through sponsored webinars, content and events. An area where we really need help is crafting the strategy and executing the plan to sell sponsorships, create long-lasting successful partnerships, and help drive serious revenue for our clients.

We have also recently launched a new project, The Other Side of Sales, a resource for B2B sales professionals that don’t fit the standard model of white sales guy. We have plans to grow this nascent endeavor into a webinar and event series, so we’re looking for someone who can help us shape its future, find its partners, and really grow this thing. Think Sales Hacker for Diversity and Inclusion in Sales. 

Our ideal candidate is someone with SaaS sales experience of some kind, but who would jump at the chance to go beyond selling software to really build a community partnership sales playbook. Help us create the program, find the ideal buyers, and really scale these efforts. 

Experience and Qualifications we’re looking for: 

  • Sales experience of some kind. You need to be able to prospect on your own, create the collateral you need, and close deals. You’ll get plenty of support from our CEO, but you must be able to run with this stuff largely on your own.

  • Excellent communication skills. We need you to be a strong representative of our company and our clients, so we’re looking for a solid writer and communicator. Someone who can handle themselves in virtually any environment. Also, we move quickly, so we need someone who won’t hesitate to reach out if they need help or have a question. Be proactive.

  • Innovative mindset. There is plenty of room to identify opportunities to add value to our partners by devising unconventional programs and offerings that help them achieve their goals. We’re looking for someone who can spot those opportunities as they arise and pivot their approach to create big wins.

  • Positive mindset. We are a very positive, upbeat, optimistic bunch. We need someone who can add to that mindset.

  • Get Shit Done attitude. We’re a small shop, which means we all wear a lot of hats and we all work our tails off to get things done. Don’t be someone who waits for things to happen. Make them happen.

Women and minorities urged to apply.

If interested in applying, please send a resume and cover letter to: hello@abetterjones.com

Executive Assistant - Part TIme to Start

We are seeking an organized, detail-oriented person as an executive assistant to our CEO. The position will start as part-time, but could grow into full-time as A Better Jones continues to grow and scale. 

We need someone who is very process and detail-oriented, especially because this is a new role in our company. Our CEO is on a mission to delegate more of her day-to-day activities to free up her time for more strategic work. This means that we currently have no existing processes or approaches to the many responsibilities we’re looking for help with and we’ll be looking for someone who can help define, document, and track those systems. 

Some of your responsibilities: 

  • Helping coordinate schedules and set appointments with clients, prospects, and partners

  • Managing our CEO’s expense reports

  • Creating expense reports for billable expenses on behalf of clients

  • Finding, evaluating, purchasing, and sending gifts for clients and partners

  • Arranging travel for our CEO

  • Purchasing materials and supplies for the team

  • Possible data entry and help conducting research for client engagements

These responsibilities will likely evolve over time, as our CEO will inevitably find more activities and duties that she would like assistance with. 

Some skills or qualifications we’re looking for: 

  • Tech Savvy. We use a variety of tools and we need someone who has a broad base of experience and can quickly adapt to new tools.

  • Organized and Process-Oriented. We don’t have systems built out for this work, so we need someone who can create those and stay on top of the many tasks that get sent your way.

  • Positive Attitude. We’re a pretty positive bunch and need someone who has an optimistic approach to life and its challenges.

  • Super Communicative. We need someone who won’t wait for direction, but will ask questions, reach out when they need something, and be proactive about letting us know what you’re up to, what you need, and how we can help. 

Tools we work with: 

  • Expensify

  • Quickbooks

  • Airtable for tracking research and data

  • Monday.com for project management

  • Slack for communication

Women and minorities are extremely urged to apply. 

If interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume to hello@abetterjones.com