Most struggling teams focus on the wrong things to improve their performance. They focus on the latest tool, the craftiest growth hack, the newest buzzword. 

Instead, we focus on the people that matter. 

Get your team focused, aligned, and collaborating. They will thrive and you'll be amazed at the things they can accomplish, the creativity they spark, and the innovation they drive. 

Better understand your buyers, who they are, what they want, where they struggle, and how they succeed. Suddenly, knowing how to educate, empower, and delight them will be simple.

Start with the people that matter and everything else falls into place. 

Radical Empathy

Empathy is probably the skill that could solve all the world's problems. At work, it can drive team health, happiness, and performance. And it can help you understand and connect with your buyer, while transforming your customer's experience. 

If there were a silver bullet, empathy would be it. 


Be a Data Nerd

Data sounds intimidating if you're a philosopher, a poet, or a people person. But data is just information, research, and understanding. And data-driven simply means results-driven. 

Get the information you need to make smart choices, try new methods, and create the outcomes you want. 

Harness your Grit

Most startups fail. Just like most New Year's Resolutions. Grit - or your ability to persevere in pursuit of a long term goal - is what enables continuous improvement and is critical to your success/

Don't fear failure. Embrace it. Learn from it. Grow from it. And keep moving. 


Unfiltered Honesty

When you aren't honest - and we mean truly, radically honest - you rob yourself and your team of the chance to connect, learn, and grow. 

Practice hard conversations. Lay your cards on the table. Be vulnerable. You'll be amazed by how good it feels. 

Kasey Jones, Founder, CEO + Growth Strategist

kasey jones growth strategist

Kasey is deeply passionate about helping people, teams, and organizations grow. She has defined her career leveraging creative and innovative methods to build long-lasting relationships with the people that matter most to your business - buyers, partners, and community.

Kasey’s experience spans nearly every aspect of sales, marketing, business development, and community organizing at startups including Notion, GoodData, Postano, and even Obama for President. She discovered her affinity for the startup life by working on political campaigns where she realized she thrived in chaos, had a knack for doing big things with few resources, and loved the challenge of being perpetually in over-her-head.

An accomplished speaker and workshop facilitator, Kasey has served as a mentor and coach for a variety of programs cultivating leadership talent, such as AltCity Lebanon’s social impact accelerator and Reed College’s leadership program. Sales Hacker has named her one of the 35 Most Influential Women in Sales and a Sales Influencer to watch for 2019.

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Juan Alfonso, Social Media Manager

In addition to running our internal social media channels, Juan creates and curates the content for our client’s social media channels with a proven record of increasing client audiences and engagement by more than 300 and 700 percent, respectively, within the first quarter of on-boarding.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Juan served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an editor, journalist, photographer, community relations and public affairs specialist for eight years.

He attained a B.A. in English from Florida international University in 2016. While working as a Writing and Rhetoric Instructor for the same institution, he completed his M.A. in English Literature in 2018; relocating to Portland, Ore., soon after.

Juan is the proud owner of his two cats and an avid lover of all things Sci-Fi and Geek Culture

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Nicci Boots, Content Strategy Manager

Nicci was born on a ranch in Nebraska and spent her childhood trying to find a way out of the country lifestyle. Writing seemed like a solid ticket out, and it led her to composing short crime novels in grade school, then working for the school paper in high school.

Attending the University of Nebraska (Go Huskers!) further developed her love for writing, and passion for music, and after graduating with a degree in Journalism she combined these into a career that would push her to Portland in 2006.

She spent the next 10 years as a music journalist, reviewing as many shows as she could while also working marketing jobs that fulfilled her desire to always be writing. She brings a wealth of experience to her role at A Better Jones, and she’s willing to tackle any task that comes her way, with grace, skill, and a smile.

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