Most struggling teams focus on the wrong things to improve their performance. They focus on the latest tool, the craftiest growth hack, the newest buzzword. 

Instead, we focus on the people that matter. 

Get your team focused, aligned, and collaborating. They will thrive and you'll be amazed at the things they can accomplish, the creativity they spark, and the innovation they drive. 

Better understand your buyers, who they are, what they want, where they struggle, and how they succeed. Suddenly, knowing how to educate, empower, and delight them will be simple.

Start with the people that matter and everything else falls into place. 

Hone your Empathy

Empathy is probably the skill that could solve all the world's problems. At work, it can drive team health, happiness, and performance. And it can help you understand and connect with your buyer, while transforming your customer's experience. 

If there were a silver bullet, empathy would be it. 


Be a Data Nerd

Data sounds intimidating if you're a philosopher, a poet, or a people person. But data is just information, research, and understanding. And data-driven simply means results-driven. 

Get the information you need to make smart choices, try new methods, and create the outcomes you want. 

Harness your Grit

Most startups fail. Just like most New Year's Resolutions. Grit - or your ability to persevere in pursuit of a long term goal - is what enables continuous improvement and is critical to your success/

Don't fear failure. Embrace it. Learn from it. Grow from it. And keep moving. 


Practice Radical candor

When you aren't honest - and we mean truly, radically honest - you rob yourself and your team of the chance to connect, learn, and grow. 

Practice hard conversations. Lay your cards on the table. Be vulnerable. You'll be amazed by how good it feels. 

Kasey Jones, Founder, CEO + Growth Strategist

kasey jones growth strategist

Kasey is deeply passionate about helping people, teams, and organizations grow. A serial entrepreneur, she is also cofounder of BetterGrowth, a comprehensive sales and marketing agency that helps B2B tech startups accelerate revenue growth.

Most recently, Kasey served as Head of Marketing at Notion, a data collaboration tool for product teams, but has worked in sales, marketing, business development, and community organizing at a number of startups including GoodData, Postano, and even Obama for President. 

She discovered her affinity for the startup life by working on political campaigns where she realized she thrived in chaos, had a knack for doing big things with few resources, and loved the challenge of being perpetually in over-her-head. Her experience spans nearly every aspect of sales and marketing, all within the framework of data-driven decision making.

A fierce advocate for the rights of women and girls everywhere, Kasey has volunteered and supported Girls Inc of the Pacific Northwest, served as a women’s leadership coach at Reed College, and co-founded PDX - WIT, one of the largest Women in Tech organizations in the country. 

In her spare time, she likes pretending to be a gourmet chef, playing with her absurdly sweet and rambunctious dogs, hacking her health, and traveling as often as possible. But her greatest passion comes from helping people, organizations, and businesses do things they didn’t think were possible. 

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Tanya Yray, Marketing Associate + Data Maven


Tanya is driven by getting work done efficiently and timely - helping the A Better Jones team and our clients transform ideas and strategy into reality. Her passion for marketing comes from her natural curiosity and analytical mind in everything she encounters. 

Tanya is thoroughly steady, dependable, and consistent, yet brings an infectiously positive attitude and sense of joy to every project. You can always count on her to show up with a smile and complete any task at hand with grit and determination.

Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, human rights, running and learning, mostly because there is data and metrics associated within each to be analyzed, rendering the best results.

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