Kasey Jones joins tech leaders in a discussion about diversity in tech

The tech industry in Portland is booming. Is diversity in the tech workplace matching the pace of growth? If so, how can we ensure a safe and positive work environment for a range of work-styles and personalities? What are some practical solutions to address the challenges and issues that arise with a diverse workforce?

Join us Monday, May 23rd, as technology marketing veteran, Kerry McClenahan, CEO of McClenahan Bruer, moderates (what's sure to be) a lively panel discussion to talk about diversity in the tech workplace.

The panel will focus on topics such as:

  • What does it mean to have a diverse workplace?

  • How can we provide a high-quality work environment for all employees?

  • What kind of training/learning should organizations undertake to ensure an equitable and inclusive environment?

  • How can we identify and address needs proactively?

  • What approaches or solutions have been successful?

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