What College Football Teaches You About Demand Gen Marketing

What College Football Teaches You About Demand Gen Marketing

It might seem like a stretch to associate college football with demand gen marketing, but both are on the hunt for greatness, and that it takes a group effort to achieve it. In general, demand gen marketing shares a lot of traits with college football, especially in that both require a team effort to defend themselves. Here we break down which position, or participant, of a football game each member of a marketing squad matches up with best.

Now Is the Time to Be the Change in the B2B Sales World

I talk a lot about my early experience in sales. It’s where I cut my teeth in the business world and it’s the reason why, as a marketer, I largely focus on demand generation so that I play a pivotal role in helping the sales team fill pipeline and close deals. 

I say it all the time. 

I have the brain of a marketer, but the heart of a sales person. 

Sure, I haven’t been on a sales team for some time, but I am the sole sales person for A Better Jones and this experience—of it being ALL on me—has only made me respect the profession more. 

And it’s for this reason that I frequently find myself advocating for sales people, on social media, with marketers, and in private. After all, my first LinkedIn video to go viral was a plea to respect and appreciate sales development reps. 

Develop a Bigger Audience with SEO-Rich Content

Develop a Bigger Audience with SEO-Rich Content

Oh, sweet SEO. How much you’ve changed over the years . . . and how crucial to brand awareness success you remain!

Any business looking to promote their name on the internet should remember how important search engine optimization is to their prosperity. We’ve been compiling SEO tips for years - considering how often the “rules” change, it’s practically a required business tactic. That’s why we’ve created the following checklist, which will help you effectively strategize your content for SEO.

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Become an Industry Influencer

On July 25th A Better Jones founder and CEO Kasey Jones joined growth strategist and influence builder Lucas Walker to discuss How to leverage LinkedIn to become an industry influencer.

The duo shared all sorts of tips and tricks that can help you rise to the top of your industry, and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Top 20 B2B Startup Marketing Influencers in 2019

Top 20 B2B Startup Marketing Influencers in 2019

When you’re looking for inspiration in the B2B startup marketing world, it’s not exactly easy to pinpoint certain influencers to turn to. And that’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite startup marketing professionals! They’re active speakers, exceptional in their field, and do a pretty darn good job of educating fellow marketers. 

If you’re in marketing, or working with startups in any way, these are definitely the people you want to have in your Twitter feed. 

Social Media Tool Review: Pair CoSchedule with Buffer to Post 7 Times Faster

Social Media Tool Review: Pair CoSchedule with Buffer to Post 7 Times Faster

While we would definitely appreciate a one-size-fits-all social media tool that’s packed to the brim with automated follows and unfollows, algorithms tracking your most engaging content, smart listening, and - insert some other bell and whistle you really need here - there is no such thing, and some tools are better at performing certain tasks than others. 

When it comes to speeding up your daily social tasks, however, Buffer is the perfect tool to pair with CoSchedule’s functionality.

Book Review: 10% Happier by Dan Harris

Book Review: 10% Happier by Dan Harris

10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story is the #1 New York Times bestseller by Dan Harris, co-anchor of ABC’s “Nightline”, the weekend version of “Good Morning America”.

After having a panic attack on live television, Dan knew he couldn’t continue in such a way, and that he needed to make some changes. The journey that followed resulted in a book that’s helped thousands of people rewire their brains. I recently listened to the audiobook of 10% Happier, and wanted to share my thoughts about what makes it a must-read.

Host Demand Gen Events with Huge ROI

On July 11 A Better Jones CEO Kasey Jones joined Content Strategy Manager Nicci Boots for a webinar that shared tips on hosting a successful event.

The virtual conversation touched on several areas crucial to the event planning process, including:

  • Identifying your target audience

  • Choosing a proper format for the event

  • How to keep costs down for the event’s venue, catering, and more

  • Creating a registration page with lead generating questions

  • Effective promotion and follow-up

Also discussed was the importance of a Live Event Planning Template, and you can now download that template here!

Why Marketers Need to Be Obsessed With Their Buyers - And How to Get Started

Why Marketers Need to Be Obsessed With Their Buyers - And How to Get Started

At their very core, every organization, regardless of the industry, exists to fulfill particular needs, meet specific demands, and solve specific problems - problems that customers are willing to pay for.

Your buyers are the ones running the show - or at least they should be.

It's their needs you must fulfill, their demands you have to meet, and their problems that you need to solve. All while delivering an experience that delights and satisfies them.

And the secret to long-term business success is understanding that solving a customer’s problem shouldn’t a transactional experience. No, it’s an ongoing relationship - a continuous journey.

4 Top Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

4 Top Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), what was once impossible is now the new norm. If you want your business to be able to compete, you must keep up with what technology has to offer.

The following marketing automation tools bring something new to the table, and offer efficient strategy planning for just about any type of business. If you’ve never heard of them or haven’t tried them before, we recommend giving them a shot - especially since each one of these tools offers a free trial!