Develop Your Q4 Marketing Plan Like a Boss

Develop Your Q4 Marketing Plan Like a Boss

Have you taken the time to map your Q4 Marketing Plan?

If not, then you should. Q4 is known for being the most overwhelming yet important sales quarter in any industry, and it can literally make or break an entire fiscal year.

Whether you’re a new startup or a Fortune 500 company, you simply can’t afford to expect to reap the rewards of the busiest sales quarter without first creating a plan.

Your Q4 marketing plan will help you identify

  • Strategy

  • Goals

  • Business Initiatives

Essentially, meeting your quarterly goal will make your company's overarching business goals a reality.

Stay ahead of the game, crush sales, and grow your business with four simple factors to consider in your Q4 marketing plan

Marketing plans can be specific to your company, depending on whether you’re selling to other businesses (B2B) or to consumers (B2C).  

 4 Things we recommend everyone has in their Q4 marketing plan are:

  • Business Goals – What are your company’s overarching revenue goals for Q4? What steps can the marketing team take to align with the overarching revenue goals?

  • Budgets – What is the budget for your marketing agency, marketing software, paid promotions, and events (those you'll host and/or attend)? Do you need to up your ad spend for holiday campaigns?

  • Content –  What content do you have and how often are you posting?

  • Initiatives – What holiday events are you attending? What events are you throwing?

Amplify Your Success by Using Your Marketing Plan

To Map Out a Marketing Strategy

To make your Q4 even more successful, we highly suggest pairing your marketing plan with strategic planning, analysis, and a quick account review:

To map out a Q4 Marketing Strategy, break down the following areas to determine what your strategy should look like:

  • Q4 Business Objectives
    a. What are your revenue goals?
    b. What is your end of year budget?
    c. What are your product specific sales goals?

  • Competitive Analysis
    a. Who are your competitors?
    b. Are your competitors the same during Q4?
    c. What marketing strategies are they implementing in Q4?

  • Marketing Strategy
    a. What current campaigns are you running?
    b. Will you continue the same campaigns for Q4?
    c. What new campaigns will you be implementing
    - list out all campaigns

  • Marketing Strategy Comparison

    a. What campaigns did you run in Q4 2017?
    b. What worked?
    c. What did not work?
    d. What will you do differently?

  • Events:

    a. What events are you throwing during Q4?
    b. What events are you attending in Q4
    c. What campaigns do you need to consider for these events?

Download our free Q4 Marketing Strategy Template and calendar to create your plan and execute your strategy so that you can reap the rewards of the busiest sales quarter, meet your quarterly goal, and make overarching business goals a reality.